Transformative Arts & Cultural Production

I am a Social Imagineer who operates as a catalyst for social change, dedicated to creating networks of care and liveable futures. I work as an artist, facilitator, consultant and curator across the realms of embodied social justice, grief, pleasure and drug policy.

Alongside my own art-making practice, I support visionary creatives, groups and organisations to create socially engaged art work, creative learning experiences, or events that address socio-political issues, while embedding trauma informed principles and the body.


I do the following:

  • Create artwork, curate socially engaged events and cultural experiences. 
  • Create learning experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of topics such as how artists can become agents of transformation, implement care practices within their projects or how organisations can create safe(r) spaces within music festivals.
  • Facilitate meetings and events with embodied and trauma informed principles woven in.
  • Provide thought partnership, strategy and consultancy to support socially engaged artists or creative goals, projects and visionary initiatives.

Signature Services 



DJ AfroOankali

I play a hypnotic blend of low end frequencies and polyrhythms that celebrates the Afro-Caribbean influence in electronic music and underground club culture. My sets are genre fluid, blending Dancehall, Jungle, Baile Funk, UK Funky, Gqom and other bass heavy, polyrhythmic sounds from across the diaspora. 

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Pricing starts at 200 for a 1 hour set.
To book, email:

What you get:

  • A juicy dance floor.
  • A musical experience which honours sound system culture and pleasure activism.
  • An approach that re-invokes cultures of care within the party space. 

Artist as Agent of Transformation: Thought Partnership

In these sessions I support you to get clear on how to develop a socially engaged art work or practice, clarify your visions, develop strategy and plan your next steps. Each session begins with an embodied practice, then we explore your desires and visions as a means to get clarity on what you are aiming to grow and how you can best meet your social impact goals. We then explore the context and support that might be needed, alongside the ideal timeline. I also provide connections to resources, organisations or contacts that can help on the journey. We end by getting clear on your next steps.

These sessions can be 1 off or in a cluster of 3.
→ Bespoke consultancy is also available for projects that are outside the scope of this model.

Price:: €80 / €100 / €150+ per hour depending on your financial means.

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled folks. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.



  • Clarity of vision: Identify what the north star is and what the next steps are to move towards this goal. Embodied practices to support holistic decision making and strategy.
  • Thought partnership to consider areas of support that are needed, how to embed trauma informed principles and establish a timeline that supports forward momentum as well as rest.
  • Interdisciplinary context, resources and contacts that can support your journey.  


I offer curatorial services to develop socially engaged art projects and event series with values aligned individuals, groups and organisations. 


  • Interdisciplinary expertise including socio-political analysis, care and somatic approaches that can be embedded within creative outputs.
  • An international network between the USA, UK, Germany and Netherlands of practitioners engaged in cutting edge research fusing art, music and social transformation.
  • 10+ years of experience creating inspiring, immersive experiences with unique take aways for audiences.

Pricing starts from €500 depending on the project parameters. 

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled folks. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.

Teaching and Facilitation

I offer educational experiences and facilitation for groups to support deeper awareness, understanding and inspiration about how they can use their agency to create change in their field of influence.  


  • Clarity around the context of a particular subject such as the nervous system or how to embed embodied care practices in organisational processes.
  • Embodied interventions and exercises to give a direct experience of embodiment, which enables the learning journey to become more holistic.
  • Reflection exercises to allow participants to understand their role in relation to the subject matter and how they can become an agent of change.

“Camille’s practice as an artist, teacher and facilitator has been a guiding light for my work as a curator collaborating with people in different civic and community organising contexts in London. I have been deeply impacted by the way in which Camille holds space for people; tenderly moving between grief-work, somatic practices, movement and dance, alongside trauma- informed work, creating spaces where we can feel and process things together – joy and pleasure and also our hurt – in pathways towards personal transformation and social justice.”

Elizabeth Graham, Civic Associate Curator at Serpentine Galleries

Pricing starts from €800 depending on the project parameters. 

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.

Why do I provide sliding scale pricing?

  • I want to ensure that historically marginalised communities are able to access my offerings.
  • I believe that people with intergenerational wealth or a high salary should pay a higher fee to facilitate lower price, or free offerings, for those whose family lines have been intergenerationally exploited. 
  • I am keen to practise ways to address historical harms, in small daily actions. 

Arts Practice 

My art practice weaves dance, somatics, clowning, DJing, sonic healing, film and cultural production.  

In recent years, I have been exploring the healing potential of bass frequencies and polyrhythms. As DJ AfroOankali, I serve ritual bass: a hypnotic blend of low end frequencies and polyrhythms which celebrates the Afro-Caribbean influence in electronic music, underground club culture and the healing potential of bass music.  In 2021, I started a radio residency with Refuge Worldwide with a show called Bass Incarnate – mixing embodied mindfulness practices with bass music rooted in the African diaspora. In 2020, I co-founded Emergent Bass – An award winning event series in Berlin that celebrates Bass music from across the African diaspora and books predominantly Black DJs in order to give reciprocity to the lineage holders of many forms of electronic music.  

Science Fiction is a big influence and connects to both the films I have made. In 2020 I directed and danced in The Grief Portal, a sci-fi inspired short film, commissioned by Performing Borders Live and Counterpoints Arts, exploring how grieving can be generative. In 2017, I directed and danced in Space is the Place, an Afrofuturist Sci-Fi short film, commissioned by Channel 4 Random Acts. Space is the Place was selected to screen at Sheffield Doc Fest in 2018. 

I have performed internationally at venues including Tate Britain (London), Soho House Berlin, Camden People’s Theatre (London), South Bank Centre (London) and The Trolley Dances (San Francisco). As well as that, I have hosted workshops and collaborated with the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Wellcome Collection, Savvy Contemporary in Berlin and the Centre for Arts Research and Alliances (CARA) in New York City.

Curation & Cultural Production

Over the last eight years, I have curated and produced a number of immersive spaces and events that fuse socio-political issues with creative expression. In 2020, I became the co-founder and creative lead for Emergent Bass – an award winning event series in Berlin that gives a platform to BIPOC artists and honours the Black roots of electronic music and underground club culture.

In 2020, I was approached by Sandberg Institute to design and lead a temporary masters programme rooted in my practice. This led to the creation of Ecologies of Transformation – a course researching how art making and embodiment can create social change. To read more about the course, click here.

In 2018, with Imani Robinson and support from Release, we produced RE:GENERATE  – A Black centred arts festival exploring drug policy, racial justice and liberation. The same year, I created the SanQtuary at Shambala festival (UK) – A queer clubhouse dedicated to showcasing the creativity of the QTIPOC community, alongside healing arts and embodiment practice. 

In 2016, I was the production manager of the Sistxrhood – Glastonbury festival’s first womxn only venue in Shangri-La. 

These projects emerged as a result of my 10+ years working in festival production and immersive art curation at events including Boomtown, Burning Man, Nowhere, Symbiosis, Boom & Glastonbury. 

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