Liminal States: Drug Policy & Grief

I am a Social Imagineer who works as a catalyst for social change, committed to creating networks of care and liveable futures. I am a facilitator, thought partner, consultant and curator working across the realms of embodied social justice, grief, pleasure and drug policy. 

    I support visionary change makers, and organisations, to get clear on their social impact goals and understand the components needed to reach them, whilst working in ways that embed care, the body and trauma informed principles. 

    I do the following:

    • Create learning experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of topics related to the war on drugs, psychedelic therapy and grief
    • Provide thought partnership and strategy around how to support certain goals, projects or visionary initiatives.
    • Speak and present to create inspiration and awareness.
    • Cross-pollinate interdisciplinary knowledge, including somatic, socio-economic, care based and trauma informed approaches, to grow new infrastructure that supports liveable futures. 

    Signature Services

    Visionary Thought Partnership

    I offer these sessions to support you to make sense of your visions, develop strategy and get clear on your next steps. Each session begins with an embodied practice, then we explore your desires and visions as a means to understand what you are aiming to achieve or grow. We then explore the context and support that might be needed, alongside the ideal timeline. I also provide connections to resources, organisations or contacts that can help on the journey. We end by getting clarity on your next steps.

      These sessions can be 1 off or in a cluster of 3.
      → Bespoke consultancy is also available for projects that are outside the scope of this model.

      Price:: €100 / €150 / €200+ per hour depending on your financial means or the size of your organisation.

      * A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations or people. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.  


      • Clarity of vision: Identify what the north star is and what the next steps are to move towards this goal. Embodied practices to support holistic decision making and strategy.
      • Thought partnership to consider areas of support that are needed, how to embed trauma informed principles and establish a timeline that supports forward momentum as well as rest.
      • Interdisciplinary context, resources and contacts that can support your journey.  

      “Camille has been one of my greatest teachers, collaborators and thought partners in my almost a decade of drug policy and psychedelic movement building. To this day, I am constantly learning from their beautiful ideas and ways of being. I have watched them develop and seed a number of deeply visionary and impactful concepts, projects and communities. They are also an exceptionally attuned, embodied and powerful facilitator and educator. As a facilitator, they are able to immediately drop large rooms of people deep into our bodies and heart spaces, and even into connection with our ancestors.  They are also able to gracefully and effectively invite healing and growth into difficult conversations and spaces of discomfort.  They are able to break down complex and sensitive concepts in simple ways, and create space for people to learn and heal not just through their minds but also through their bodies. I cannot recommend working with Camille highly enough!”

      Natalie Lyla Ginsberg, Global Impact Officer, Multidisciplinary Association of Psychedelic Studies (MAPS)

      Teaching and Facilitation

      I design educational experiences and offer facilitation for groups to support deeper awareness, understanding and inspiration about how they can use their agency to create change in their field of influence.  


      • Clarity around the context of a particular subject such as the war on drugs or how to use somatics to create a strong therapeutic alliance with a client.
      • Embodied interventions and exercises to give a direct experience of embodiment, which enables the learning journey to become more holistic.
      • Reflection exercises to allow participants to understand their role in relation to the subject matter and how they can become an agent of change.

      “Camille is an extraordinary teacher who embodies the very important curriculum that they offer. As an educator and trainer in the space of psychedelic assisted therapy, I always make an effort to include Camille’s voice in my educational programs. Camille skilfully, seamlessly weaves wisdom from different disciplines in an impactful way that leaves everyone with a wider, kinder perspective on what is needed to heal, both personally and collectively. Give Camille the loud speaker please!” 

      Lauren Taus, Co-Founder of The Psychedelic Coalition for Health

      Pricing starts from €1000 depending on the session parameters and size of your organisation. 

      * A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.  

      Drug Policy & Psychedelic Therapy - Background

      I have strong expertise in drug policy & harm reduction, particularly in the area of psychedelic therapy. 

      In recent years, I have taught within various training programmes for psychedelic therapists in training, including Alma Institute, Psychedelic Coalition for Health, Synthesis and CIIS to name a few. In addition to that, I have written about drug policy and racial justice for publications including Vice, Talking Drugs, The MAPS Bulletin and Double Blind. I speak and present regularly at conferences including Psychedelic Science (2017), The International Drug Policy Reform Conference (2017 & 2019), and Harm Reduction International (2019). I have provided consultancy and training for organisations including Release and Harm Reduction International.

      Since 2017, I have worked closely with MAPS, ensuring that MDMA Psychotherapy will be accessible to Black people, people of colour and other communities disproportionately impacted by the war on drugs. I also have an ongoing relationship with Release – The UK national centre of expertise on drugs and drug policy. 

      In 2018, Imani Robinson and I co-produced RE:GENERATE, an arts festival on drug policy, racial justice and liberation. In 2019, I project managed, co-designed and facilitated at the MAPS hosted Psychedelic Medicine & Cultural Trauma workshop in Kentucky. This event was a precursor to the first MDMA Psychotherapy training for therapists of colour.  

      In 2020, I chaired a talk at Somerset House on Psilocybin & Altered States of Consciousness featuring Robin Carhart Harris, Darren Springer and Mike Jay. The next year, I went on to design and facilitate Somatics & Psychedelics, a course hosted by The Embody Lab. 


      After experiencing my first deep dive into grief in 2017, I sought tools, rituals and techniques to process the grief that overwhelmed and uprooted my daily life. 

      At some point in this journey, I was commissioned by the Global Environments Network to create The GEN Grief Toolkit – A collection of embodied rituals and practices to support grief work in personal and community contexts. 

      To access the toolkit, click the image on the right.

      Why do I provide sliding scale pricing?

      • I want to ensure that historically marginalised communities are able to access my offerings.
      • I believe that people with intergenerational wealth or a high salary should pay a higher fee to facilitate lower price, or free offerings, for those whose family lines have been intergenerationally exploited. 
      • I am keen to practise ways to address historical harms, in small daily actions. 


      Since childhood, I have been fascinated with liminal states of consciousness – experiences that create internal transformation or emotions that shift our way of being. Growing up in a meditation community, it was normalised in my family life that meditation and ritual practices could shift consciousness and change our way of approaching life. Alongside that, having some close family members who have navigated distressing mental health experiences, due to trauma, has shown me the impact that harm can have on the bodymind. As a result, I am passionate about finding pathways to support people to integrate big experiences of loss, harm, grief and trauma so they can live expansive lives despite the hurt. I feel that the structure of our societies in The West and increasingly globalised world, creates a lot of trauma. In order to address this, we must change the conditions in society that create systemic harm as well as develop robust, embodied and culturally informed mental health care, so that those who are in distress can move towards ease, self acceptance and community connection. Reform within the mental health system, as well as the creation of new healing infrastructure, is desperately needed if this is to become a reality.  

      My background and interests have led me to continue exploring liminal states of consciousness, currently rooted in the experience of grief as well as the realm of drug policy reform with a specialism in psychedelic assisted therapy. 


      Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me. 

      In order to support my wellbeing, I need to limit my screen time. As a result, if you would like to work with me, or ask a question, I invite you to fill out the following form so I can have as much information in advance as possible. Please fill out the parts that are relevant for you.

      I will aim to respond to you within ten working days. 

      Thank you. I hope we can grow work cultures that support rest.

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