Embodied Social Justice

I am a Social Imagineer who operates as a catalyst for social change, dedicated to creating networks of care and liveable futures. I work as an artist, facilitator, consultant and curator across the realms of embodied social justice, grief, pleasure and drug policy.

I support visionary change makers, groups and organisations to understand and incorporate embodied social justice principles and develop practices that move them closer towards their goals, while working in ways that embed care, the body and trauma informed principles. 

I do the following:

  • Create learning experiences, leading to a deeper understanding of topics related to nervous system regulation and how oppression, such as racism and ableism, impacts the body.
  • Facilitate meetings and events with somatic, care and embodied social justice principles woven in.
  • Speak, present and interview people about embodied social justice.
  • Provide thought partnership, strategy and consultancy to support certain goals, projects or visionary initiatives.

What is Embodied Social Justice?

Embodied Social Justice is an area of practice based research that seeks to understand and re-pattern the ways that socio-political issues, such as racism, ableism or incarceration, impact our bodies. 

Non verbal communication is the main way we transmit information as humans. Our body language signals who is seen as safe or dangerous, who should lead or follow, be included or excluded, depending on the social position of the people we are interacting with. These often unconscious gestures and movements often reinforce the systems of power and inequality embedded in our societies. We could spend a lifetime intellectually learning about racism, for example as a means to un-do it, but if we ignore the body we will fail to re-pattern the non verbal cues that reinforce it. As a result, it is necessary to include the body in our strategies to create holistic and intergenerational social change. 



Signature Services 


Speaking & Moderation

I speak, moderate and enter conversation with visionary thinkers in the embodied social justice and holistic activism field. 


  • A direct experience of what embodied practice is and how it can be applied in different contexts
  • Clarity and awareness about embodied social justice subjects, using accessible language and examples that help people understand embodied social justice concepts in a variety of contexts.
  • Information sharing about interdisciplinary knowledge, including somatic, socio-economic, care based and trauma informed approaches.
  • Humble, curious and skilled facilitation which enables conversation partners to feel comfortable going deeper into complex subject matter.   

Pricing starts from €400 depending on session parameters and the turnover of your organisation.

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.

“I worked with Camille on a book chapter to do with leadership in the younger generation, and they also led workshops at St Ethelburga’s and participated as a guest speaker many times. Camille is beautifully articulate and inspiring. Their practice and thinking is original and cutting edge. They have been consistently professional, generous, open and a joy to work with.  Camille will always be a go to person for us on certain key issues and someone whose path through the world we watch with interest and learn from. Their unique spark is very much needed in this world.” 

Dr Justine Huxley, Senior Consultant & Former CEO of St Ethelburga’s Centre for Reconciliation and Peace.

Teaching and Facilitation

I offer educational experiences and facilitation for groups to support deeper awareness, understanding and inspiration about how they can use their agency to create change in their field of influence.  


  • Clarity around the context of a particular subject such as the nervous system or how to embed embodied care practices in organisational processes.
  • Embodied interventions and exercises to give a direct experience of embodiment, which enables the learning journey to become more holistic.
  • Reflection exercises to allow participants to understand their role in relation to the subject matter and how they can become an agent of change. 


Pricing starts from €500 depending on session parameters and the size of your organisation.

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations. Please specify in the contact form if you are in need of a sliding scale price.

Camille Barton is an extraordinary and skilled practitioner, facilitator, artist and visionary. At Healing Justice London over the years, we have deeply enjoyed collaborating and working with Camille. They bring an intentional, rigorous and thoughtful practice coupled with a broad and expansive analysis, as well as awareness of social, political and economic conditions. 

We are deeply inspired by the depth and connectedness of Camille’s ideas as well as their practice. Personally, working with Camille over the years, particularly on their grief retreat was not only a joy but an opportunity to collaborate and learn with somebody who is deeply committed to fair, just, kind and joyful practice. They bring so much creativity and compassion to what they do, not only towards the people that they are working with, but also towards themselves as a broader way of building and practising. 

I would recommend working with Camille without hesitation; they bring a remarkable humility to their work that allows them to stay curious, honest and deeply collaborative.”

Farzana Khan, Executive Director of Healing Justice London

Visionary Thought Partnership

I offer these sessions to support you to make sense of your visions, develop strategy and get clear on your next steps. Each session begins with an embodied practice, then we explore your desires and visions as a means to understand what you are aiming to achieve or grow. We then explore the context and support that might be needed, alongside the ideal timeline. I also provide connections to resources, organisations or contacts that can help on the journey. We end by getting clarity on your next steps.

These sessions can be 1 off or in a cluster of 3.

Price:: €100 / €150 / €200+ per hour depending on the size of your organisation.

→ Bespoke consultancy is also available for projects that are outside the scope of this model.

* A limited number of sliding scale rates are available with priority given to Black, Indigenous, Trans and Disabled led organisations or people. Please specify in the booking form if you are in need of a sliding scale price


    • Clarity of vision: Identify what the north star is and what the next steps are to move towards this goal. Embodied practices to support holistic decision making and strategy. 
    • Thought partnership to consider areas of support that are needed, how to embed trauma informed principles and establish a timeline that supports forward momentum as well as rest.
    • Interdisciplinary context, resources and contacts that can support your journey. 

    Embodied Social Justice – Background

    In recent years, I have become a sought after practitioner within the embodied social justice space, presenting at conferences including the Embodied Social Justice Summit, Body IQ Festival, the Somatic Movement Summit and teaching the popular Somatics & Psychedelics course with the Embody Lab. In 2022, I was a featured guest on the Emergent Strategy podcast, hosted by adrienne maree brown, to talk about my research to decolonise the body. Since 2016, I have been hosting workshops combining somatics, dance and social justice theory to map, as well as re-pattern the impacts of oppression on the body. In 2020 my approach was featured in the VPRO (Dutch public TV) documentary The Post Racist Planet. One of my exercises is being published in a book by the Civics and Education Department at the Serpentine Gallery (London).

    During the early years of the pandemic, I was a host for the online Wxtch Craft KABK series and had the deep pleasure of being in conversation with visionaries including Alexis Pauline Gumbs, Nkem Ndefo, Kai Cheng Thom, Neema Githere and Aurora Levins Morales. 

    My work in this area led me to be invited by Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam) to design and implement a temporary masters programme based on my research called Ecologies of Transformation (2021 – 2023). This course researches how art making and embodiment can create social change.  

    Why do I provide sliding scale pricing?

    • I want to ensure that historically marginalised communities are able to access my offerings.
    • I believe that people with intergenerational wealth or a high salary should pay a higher fee to facilitate lower price, or free offerings, for those whose family lines have been intergenerationally exploited. 
    • I am keen to practise ways to address historical harms, in small daily actions. 

    Finding an embodied approach to activism

    After years of activism that felt performative and rooted in having the right language, rather than behaviour, I began to seek other ways of approaching social change work. I craved ways of doing activism that were embodied in daily interactions. This desire led me to the San Francisco Bay Area (California) where I became a political clown by night and youth worker by day. It was here that I was introduced to somatics, restorative justice and embodied approaches to activism which began to satisfy this desire to live the principles and values I wish to see in the world. 

    In 2016 I began to host workshops combining mindfulness, dance based improvisation and socio-political content exploring the impact of racism, colonisation and patriarchy on the body. I have continued to develop this work as a method to access information in the body that is not readily accessible in the mind, allowing us to understand and re-pattern our involvement in oppressive dynamics.    

    My exploration in this area has been supported by my ongoing exploration of embodiment practices. I have been a student of dance, particularly dances of the African diaspora for over 20 years. Growing up in a meditation community, I have been surrounded by mindfulness practice for all my life and actively practising for over 15 years. In California, I trained in Restorative Justice and embarked on a 4 year journey within an embodied, peer counselling network called Re-Evaluation Counselling. I continue to learn and experiment on myself, practice the resilience toolkit daily, as well as receive somatic experiencing therapy. I do this to re-pattern the embodied legacies of oppression within me and generate more capacity to co-create practices that grow liveable futures.


    Thank you for your interest in collaborating with me. 

    In order to support my wellbeing, I need to limit my screen time. As a result, if you would like to work with me, or ask a question, I invite you to fill out the following form so I can have as much information in advance as possible. Please fill out the parts that are relevant for you.

    I will aim to respond to you within ten working days. 

    Thank you. I hope we can grow work cultures that support rest.

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